South America

As another example that the Radiation Network is potentially global, we have a new Monitoring Station in Ecuador, as well as intermittent stations in Panama and Paraguay. 
= Nuclear Site                 Alert Level = 3 consecutive minutes of lesser of 100 CPM or 2.5 times a Station's baseline

*Readings not Equalized means the Monitoring Stations are broadcasting the raw radiation count from their Geiger counters, without adjustment for different count rates existing between various Geiger counter designs.  For instance, models built around a "Pancake" (see Map Legend) style of Geiger-Mueller tube typically have a 3 times count rate over Standard tubed models.

This joins the station in Paraguay, one of the two land-locked nations in South America.  Keep your eye open for a Yellow circle just east of the capital of Asuncion.  Note the nuclear sites (most of them power plants) in neighboring Brazil and Argentina.  The Paraguay station operates the Inspector, the higher count model built around the 2" pancake GM tube, and his altitude is reported at about 420 feet.  For the time being, he is monitoring indoors inside a brick building with ceramic tile roof, which he indicates is giving a background count 10 CPM higher than outdoors.  His indoor count is averaging 42 CPM which seems about right, or perhaps a little high for the Inspector at that altitude, which bears out his theory.

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