Mission Statement

Welcome to the Radiation Network, operated by Mineralab.  A brief history - After 9/11/2001, we recognized a need for continuous Radiation monitoring on behalf of the general public, and conceived of this idea of linking together Geiger counters from around the nation, and the world, to create a real time, early warning system of radioactive danger.  This is truly a grass roots network, comprised of regular folks like you and me, who have their own Geiger counters which they operate out of their homes and offices.

The Radiation Network has no affiliation with the Government, nor are we funded by the Government - rather privately, so we are completely independent of any Government influence.  Having said that, and given the sensitive nature of our activity, we pride ourselves in operating this network responsibly.  At its core, the Radiation readings from our contributing Monitoring Stations constitute original, first hand knowledge, while their real time component adds transparency - to give legitimacy to our efforts.  We are neither skeptics nor alarmists, but operate with a probing open mind, guided by the principles of science and evidence, along with the experience, history, and reality of genuine radioactive danger in our world.

Since our start in 2004, other networks have flattered us with their own renditions of the concept, but what makes the Radiation Network unique is that we are an equal opportunity provider, i.e we accept most any Geiger counter model, not just our own brand, and because our Monitoring Stations operate Geiger counters that are like the devices any of us might choose for our own personal protection, the Radiation levels detected and the readings reported by our network are relate-able.

Thank you for your support of the Radiation Network.  If you are not already a contributing Monitoring Station, but are interested, please contact us.

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